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  • Yunong - Focus on manufacturing, R&D of Plunger Pumps, Power Sprayers.    liebao@chinayunong.com

    Company Profile

    Taizhou Yu Nong Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, which enjoys the fame of Power Sprayer Town. The company focuses on the manufacture of high pressure plunger pumps, power sprayers and lawn mowers and is a scientific and technological inno-vation enterprise with the integration of research and sales of the above products. The management and research team is of high quality and with innovation spirit. Over 10 years' management and research experience in Taiwan enterprise helps Yu Nong people to form the business principle of serving the farmers and enriching the farmers, and owns the well-known brands in this field like BLACK WHALE and LIEBAO.

    Our development orientation is the manufacture in small quantity and diversity, and tailored manufacture and meeting the demand of customers.

    Our development goal is to pursue excellent quality, to develop innovated high-end products and to create more profits for customers.

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    Our products are sold at home and abroad!